A taxi to islets and boardsports spots !

Among the destinations provided by the taxi-boats you will enjoy:


- "Goéland islet" : this magnificent white sand islet was classified as a reserve in 1995 so as to protect the tern colony (nesting period). It is closed to public from November 1st to March 31st.


- "Signal islet" : You will see there several sea bird species (petrels, Australian seagulls, terns, osprey,…). You will also find beautiful snorkelling spots.


- "Larégnère islet" : this islet offers above water activities as well as underwater activities (surf, kitesurf, and winsurf at high tide)! You will enjoy camping there, benefiting from small shelter infrastructures…


- "The Pontoon at Ste-Marie" : Approximately 7 minutes the launch of Cote Blanche, this pontoon offer you the possibility to chill, to eat or to pass a great moment to make the most from lagoon to reef Tamanou. Possibility to privatize this place for party, concerts, meal...


- "Ténia islet" :  There is no such spot as this islet located on the barrier reef for surfers, divers and siesta addicts!


- "Maître islet" : Very close to Noumea is a very wide-spread reef flat surrounding this islet. It is a not-to-miss kitesurf spot! You may also enjoy an overnight(s) stay (hotel, restaurant, and swimming pool…)


- "Casy islet" : In the heart of Prony bay this little islet displays all the characteristics of the southern main land (tropical forest, mine bush, white sand beach).


- "Dumbéa pass" : Approximately 45 minutes away from Noumea seat several surfing spots. Windsurfers and kitesurfers will regularly enjoy the mid-morning Trade winds.


- "The historical and cultural trips on island of 'Nou' currently first-named Nouville and on Signal islet with our passionnate Bernard who you will do travel accross the colonial past at the New Caledonia at the door of Nouméa... Departure at the launch near the 1881 restaurant at Nouville.

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